Drive testing is a constant variable in a network’s lifecycle. From full scale campaigns, to use-case testing and benchmarking, drive testing service providers must be adept at legacy and new technologies alike in order to provide value to telecom operators.

Knowledge of technologies and operator business models is only part of the equation. Service providers must be agile and equipped with multi-purpose tools and have a cost-effective setup to be able to collect data and provide insightful reporting.

With so many moving parts, it is imperative for operators to partner with trusted service providers for all outsourced optimization tasks to ensure an optimal end user experience. Test campaigns are primarily conducted to simulate a quality of service (QoS) and a quality of experience (QoE), but the true value add for servicers is to provide operators an action plan for network improvements.

Aryu Networks takes pride in executing on all levels when it comes to project deliverables. In order to do so, we invest in experienced and talented personnel to get the job done right. Our RF drive testers and engineers have strong communication skill as well as technical skill to gather and post process RF data effectively and efficiently.