Advancements in devices and in 5G has created an insatiable demand for data. With the addition of IoT, wireless operators are finding it difficult to match their capacity to meet the increasing demand of their consumer and business customers.

The infrastructure of macro networks, or cell towers, has coverage limitations caused by buildings, location, or landscape. This is where distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cells come into play.

These specific wireless technologies can supplement wireless capacity where it is needed most– congested streets, heavily occupied buildings, and other crowded public places. Wherever the location, Aryu Networks is here to help with your DAS and small cell needs, both indoor and outdoor. We help operators improve their signal strength and network capacity at indoor venues and help increase coverage in outstretched areas. Distant locations, building structure, and rough terrain are among factors that make cellular service challenging. Aryu Networks has the experience in network design, deployment, and maintenance to ensure your indoor venue or distant community has ample cellular coverage.

Thanks to an increasingly wireless world, DAS and small cells are providing the necessary boost to an operator’s macro network. These applications are agile by nature and are cost effective for indoor and outdoor use. We work with carriers in addressing their wireless needs, so if you are in need of a coverage solution, contact us today!