Network Design & OPTIMIZATION


In a hyper-competitive 5G market, the two main objectives for any company providing network design and optimization should ultimately be operator profitability and optimal user experience.

5G will bring together the advancements in cellular devices along with advancements in digital services and will usher in new revenue streams from completely new ecosystems. These ecosystems will depend on telecom operators to reevaluate what value to deliver to their end users and how to deliver it.

With smartphone ownership at almost 80 percent of U.S. adults, mobile data is not only proving to be demanding but also dynamic. With many different use cases to a user’s mobile lifestyle, operators are finding mobile behavior to be anything but predictable. Operators should partner with companies that provide a more insightful look at their network coverage, capacity, and performance so they can focus on user experience and retention.

Aryu Networks’s network design and optimization services are meant to provide just that. We allow operators to focus on delivering value from their lines of business, while we put teams in place to test key network metrics, mimic typical and atypical user behavior, and evaluate this data for optimizations.