Senior Software Engineer

In by aryuwireless

One of our clients is looking to fulfill their team with a software engineer to join the member of staff. Please view the job description below with the details. Please apply as we are trying to fulfill this position immediately.

Job Description:

  • Must have experience in the embedded area
  • Should have program management experience to handle 2-3 release programs
  • Experience and ability to work with 1-2 engineers with an offshore teamdaily for the programs.
  • Should be hands on in C, Linux, GIT , Gerrit, JIRA
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good to have : Experience in Video, Broadband.

Experience Questionaire:

  • What is total years of experience?¬†Ideally 8 – 15 year.
  • What is the experience on embedded side?
    • Expected to have pure development experience in linux like operating system.
    • Multi process and multi-threaded applications with debugging experience
    • Exposure to user space and kernel space (not application development or UI
  • Experience with linux is preferred
  • What is experience on configuration management and CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment)?¬†Minimum 5 year experience
    • Check for the tools they have used and any configurations they have with tools for build, deployment and automated test results.
    • Concept of mainline and different branches, merging, cherry picking changes, tagging, reverting changes etc
  • Programming language experience
    • Expected to be proficient in C or C++
  • Need to be a Technical Lead
    • Minimum 5 year experience
    • Size of the team managed. Should be five or more
    • Requirement solicitation and analysis
    • Estimation for features/requirements
    • Work breakdown structure (breaking work into smaller tasks)
    • Tracking activities to closure
    • Chasing team members to work completed on time and with quality
    • Working with other teams
    • stakeholder management
  • What is exposure to feature/defect management systems and code review tools?
  • What is the involvement of candidate in release management activities?
    • We are expecting candidate to hold some release responsibilities as part of big program.
    • Mainline, development and release branches: refer to 4.b for more.